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Tag: Bash

Software Component Properties in vRA

So you are used to using vRA software component properties. You therefore know how powerful they are for performing Guest OS operations during a build request. They can be seen by the user. which is the issue. That is fine if that’s the intention (such as initial password). It can be pain if you want to expose internal properties to a Guest OS. This post explains how to be able to remove software component properties…

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VM generated password for local admin user

This post explains how to use a vRA Software Component in vRA to implement a generated VM password (local user within Guest OS) and then display it to the user as part of a VM request. Firstly, create a Software Component or edit an existing one. Add a “Computed” property named “LocalAdminPassword” (or whatever name you prefer). Enter the relevant below code (Bash for Linux or PowerShell for Windows) in the “Configure” life cycle action.…


Using jq in Bash to manage JSON content

No doubt you already use Bash for a wide range of tasks, consequently are already aware it’s purely a procedural scripting language and not object oriented? For the majority of tasks this is fine, however there are times when objects are useful; enter jq, a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. This post explains how to use jq to convert data into JSON and therefore an object. Say you have a file in /root/ with…

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SSH User and Key Management

Managing users and more importantly SSH keys across numerous Linux systems can be the bane of any sysadmin’s life. There are tools out there which make this easier, however some don’t work very well, some are complicated and others are costly. All of them tend to require additional software installing and being configured. Essentially there is a simple solution, have the user’s SSH public keys stored in a remote location and have a script which…

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