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Month: January 2020

Using Images on vRA Custom Forms

With the release of vRA 7.4 came custom forms. Custom forms remove the need for wrapping IaaS and PaaS blueprints behind XaaS blueprints. One of the many benefits is the ability to apply advanced formatting of the layout and fields, including adding images. When adding an image to a form you can set the value to a URL (as below). One of the issues with doing this is the end user who will use the…


Install vRealize Automation 8 using Easy Installer

This tutorial will explain how to install vRealize Automation (vRA) 8 using the vRealize Easy Installer. There are a couple of options as you go through which I will discuss here. This tutorial assumes you are using a Windows client but it can still be followed if you are using Linux or Mac, you will just need to run the relevant installer file. vRA8 simplifies the application stack versus vRA7 by doing away with the…

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Remove Managed Machine in vRA 8

In vRA 7 you could remove a VM from portal management (leaving the VM in vCenter) by using the “Unregister” day 2 action. There is no such action in vRA 8. There is also no way to remove the VM using the API without it being deleted from vCenter. Fortunately there is a way but it involves directly editing data within the postgres database in the postgres pod. Accessing the postgres kubernetes pod and directly…