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Month: December 2019

Install vRealize Automation 8 (vRA8)

There are a couple of ways you can install vRA8 and this post will summarise them along with providing links to my other blog posts which go through the processes in detail. Easy Installer This is the easiest way to install vRA8 so the name is quite apt 🙂 There are however some limitations using this method. Firstly it will only install a single vIDM node, you will have to manual scale this out post…

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RasPiMon: Monitoring screen setup on Raspberry Pi

I had a requirement years ago to setup some monitoring screens for an Ops team. The screens needed to display data from various sources and the solution needed to be both easy and trouble free. I first tried to use Google ChromeCast running on a TV but the ChromeCast would always drop off and so wasn’t reliable. I opted to replace the ChromeCast with a Raspberry Pi. In order to make the solution as easy…

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