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Month: October 2019

Hide Domain Drop Down on vRA Tenant Login Page

Ever wanted to hide the domain drop down on a vRA (vRealize Automation) tenant login page? This vRO (vRealize Orchestrator) package contains a workflow and actions to allow just that, making vRA (vRealize Automation) more secure and user friendly. Running the workflow will change your tenant login page from this: to this: Instructions Download the dev.vautomation.tenantlogin.package zip file below Extract the zip file to get the vRO (vRealize Orchestrator) package file Import the vRO (vRealize…

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VMware NSX Initial Setup

This tutorial will explain how to setup VMware NSX. NSX 6.4.0 was used for this tutorial, other NSX versions follow the same setup but you may notice some differences as you go along. 1) Deploy the NSX Manager OVA using vCenter (it doesn’t have to be deployed in the same vCenter you will be using it in). Select the relevant Cluster, VM Folder, Storage & Network (for management of NSX Manager) settings in the OVA…

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