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Remove vRA VM Expired Snapshots

Allowing users to create snapshots against VMs using vRA (vRealize Automation) is great, however left unchecked could cause an issue with snapshots growing too large.

I created a vRO workflow that can delete snapshots after they expire. Set the workflow to run on a schedule and never worry about snapshots growing too large ever again.


  • Download the dev.vautomation.expiredsnapshots.package zip file below
  • Extract the zip file to get the vRO (vRealize Orchestrator) package file
  • Import the vRO (vRealize Orchestrator) package
  • If not already done so then add your “vRealize Automation Infrastructure” host
  • Edit the “vAutomation -> Common -> envSettings” configuration element
  • Populate “vcacHost” with your “vRealize Automation Infrastructure” host
  • Run the “Remove Expired VM Snapshots” workflow under “vAutomation -> Scheduled” adhoc but schedule workflow to run automatically
Note: Snapshot expiry is managed by the use of the "Snapshot.Policy.AgeLimit" custom property. Make sure VMs have this custom property set with a value in days. Use my Manage vRA VM Custom Properties using vRO workflow to bulk update existing VMs.
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  1. scott scott

    Nice! do you have a new once for vRA8? Seems the object vCAC type has been removed.

    • luke luke

      Sadly I have not got around to replicating this for vRA8 yet, as you say some of the object types no longer exist.

      You could modify the code to look at vCenter VMs instead of vRA VMs.

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