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vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.x NSX XaaS Resource Actions Issue

I experienced this issue when working on a particular platform, it was a weird one and took some trial and error to fix so thought I would document it.

The Issue

When trying to view a NSX XaaS provisioned item it would just display a blank white page. Also if a resource (day 2) action was attempted on the provisioned item a red ‘internal error’ box would be displayed and so the resource (day 2) action wouldn’t load.

The Solution

The fix was a couple stage process…

1) Go to the vRO Endpoint in vRA portal, test connectivity and save

2) In vRO Control Center
(a) Disable NSX Plugin
(b) Restart vRO Service
(c) Enable NSX Plugin
(d) Restart vRO Service

3) You may also need to Reboot vRO appliance too

After that you should find that you can view the NSX XaaS provisioned item details and the resource (day 2) actions will load again as normal.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced this issue (please write a comment). I would also be curious to hear if anyone has experienced and found the root cause?

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